Quick Draw Contest


Want to show off your artistic talents? Come by for SwampCon’s quick draw contest! This contest consists of one 10 minute and one 20 minute rounds. You will be given random words and must draw a picture consisting of all the ideas. Paper, pencils and pens will be provided. Space is limited so arrive early!

Special Event – Dystopia Rising LARP


Dystopia Rising will be hosting a LARP event on Saturday evening on the North Lawn that is open to anyone interested in experiencing the post-apocalyptic settlement of Gatorland first hand! A number of pre-generated characters will be prepared and members of the storytelling staff will be available to discuss the game mechanics and get you involved. As Dystopia Rising is a soft-contact LARP a number of foam weapons and nerf guns will also be available for players to use for in-game combat.

Help liberate the Sweetwater Pits!

The Sweetwater Pits, an old mine on the outskirts of Gatorland, has long since been overrun with zombies and mutants of all shapes and sizes. After a call for help a number of new faces have arrived in Gatorland to help clear out the mines and find their own action, treasure and glory!

Find us on Facebook @ Dystopia Rising: Florida

Email us @ dystopia.florida@gmail.com

Visit our Website @ dystopiarisingfl.squarespace.com

Fanmade Vocaloid Concert


Fanmade Vocaloid Concert

We’re bringing back your favorite Vocaloid popstars for a brand new, improved, and even more exciting show! A crowd favorite last year, this is one concert you won’t want to miss. Whether you are an avid fan of Vocaloid or are curious to find out more, we welcome you to come enjoy this amazing show! There will be one showing each day of the convention. There is no longer a ticket system for the Fanmade Vocaloid Concert. However, keep in mind that in order to gain entry to the concert, you will be required to hand in a completed Vocaloid survey at the door. These surveys will help us keep track of the audience size and ensure the safety of the attendees. They can be picked up near the registration area.

Visit MIKUBOOK to keep up with the latest Vocaloid news, chat with other Vocaloid fans, share your favorite videos, and more at mikubook.com!

Like making your own Vocaloid songs? KARENT is the official Vocaloid music label designed to help people like you distribute your work online and via iTunes! Find out more at karent.jp!

The following character(s) of Crypton Future Media are used for this event: Miku Hatsune, Rin and Len Kagamine, Luka Megurine, and Kaito. © Crypton Future Media, INC. www.piapro.net The following character(s) of Internet Co. Ltd are used for this event: Gumi and Gakupo. ©Internet Co. Ltd The following character(s) of SBS Artech Co. Ltd are used for this event: SeeU. © SBS Artech Co. Ltd

Special Guest – Florida Whammy Entertainment


whammyFormed in 2008 under the name “The Game Show Gurus”, Florida Whammy Entertainment is a not-for-profit organization that designs, operates and performs various Game Show oriented programming and other Interactive Entertainment events for specially focused audiences (anime, genre, fandom conventions, etc).

Specializing in anime themed Game Shows, their highly experienced team of programmers, artists, animators, writers, hosts, announcers, production assistants, researchers and producers have created and developed shows and programming for a number of regionally and nationally known fan conventions and events focusing and specializing in a variety of genres in popular culture, Japanese culture, Otaku culture, and other various cultures.

Special Guest – PikaBelleChu


PikaBelleChu is most known in the community for her passion and continuing dedication to Pokemon. She has appeared on several television shows as well as being featured in numerous magazines and other forms of media. Most known for having the Guinness World Record for the most Pikachu’s with over 20,000 and still growing. Also a cosplayer, she has created over 80 different cosplays from her original Pokemon Princess designs to other anime, Disney, and Sci-Fi costumes.When not at conventions or other related events she teaches anime classes at craft stores, paints murals in homes and businesses and does childrens birthday parties.

Tabletop Events


SwampCon Rising’s Tabletop events are now viewable on the Tabletop page found here. More info on each event will be added within the next 24 hours, and a full schedule of all of SwampCon Rising’s events and panels will be online within the next 48 hours. Keep checking back so you don’t miss anything!

Special Guest – Karry English


karry englishThe south’s answer to Lenny Henry, and Jimmy Carr, Karry English has proven to be a dominant force in the Gulf Coast comedy scene. A resident of Pensacola, FL by way of Liverpool, England, Karry English uses his take on american and European culture and the people he encounters to come up with the material he uses on a nightly basis. Karry’s unique blend of observational, satire, deadpan, and situational comedy make it easy to see why he’s truly a rising star in the gulf coast comedy scene.

SwampCon Rising Cosplay Contest



Swampcon is coming up quickly so we wanted to give everyone the run-down on the cosplay contest this year. We are happy to announce that our judges are going to be Cure for Capezio (right) and Xtine Cosplay (left). For this year sign-up for the contest will be held all day on Saturday the 18th at the con registration booth until all slots are filled. Sunday the 19th is when we will be having prejudging and the contest which starts at 5! So break out your favorite cosplay and sign up for Swampcon’s third annual cosplay contest!

Bread for the Mighty Canned Food Drive


SwampCon Rising is proud to announce that we will be taking canned food donations for Bread for the Mighty.

Bread of the mightyThe Food Bank was established in Gainesville in 1987, and has worked tirelessly to get food to the plates of the hungry and food insecure.  During FY 2011-12 the Food Bank distributed 4.8 million pounds of food – a new record! We serve the north central Florida area –  including Alachua, Dixie, Gilchrist, Lafayette, & Levy counties. We do this primarily through our network of 130+ agencies who serve on the front lines of poverty in soup kitchens, food pantries, faith-based and community feeding and food programs.  To become a network agency, please call and ask for Sandra, our Agency Specialist. Bread of the Mighty is the area administrator for the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), commonly known as “commodities.”  USDA commodities are distributed through 31 agencies. We conduct Food-on-the-Move Mobile Pantry distributions to under-served communities throughout our 5-county area.   At the pantry sites a variety of donated groceries are distributed.  Some sites routinely receive USDA commodities, too.

Special Guest – Chuck Huber



SwampCon is excited to have voice actor Chuck Huber as a special guest for 2014. His impressive resume includes voice credits in: Dragonball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hetalia: Axis Powers, D.gray-man, One Piece, Case Closed, Baccano and Big Windup.

Special Guest – Chalk Twins


Chalk Twins

“Chalk Twins” Lexi and Devon are returning to SwampCon to create another fantastic work of chalk art!

Devon and Lexi (the Chalk Twins) both received majors in studio art and studied a breadth of art media through the University of Georgia program in Cortona, Italy. In addition to their formal study in art, Devon and Lexi have enjoyed tremendous success as chalk artists. For the past nine years they have been participating in chalk art competitions throughout the East coast where they have been awarded in 14 out of 17 events. They now bring their live chalking performances to conventions and special events around the country.

Sidewalk chalk is a performing art. Devon and Lexi are there to interact with people – so don’t be afraid to talk to them while they’re working. The Chalk Twins aren’t just artists, they are also fans of anime. They’ll answer your questions and talk about anime or art – all while the artwork comes alive at their feet. Their live performances at anime conventions are re-creations of everyone’s favorite characters and heroes usually 25 to 100 square feet in size that come to life over the two days of the event.

Special Guest – True Tail



True Tail is the first original IP from Skynamic Studios, a cloud-based company lead by Zachary Rich, that employs over 70 talented artists. The series follows the adventures of Caleb Truetail and the motley group of mercenaries he calls family. Come meet the talented team!


Special Event – Double Rainboom



Double Rainboom is the first ever fan-made episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created with permission from Hasbro and Cartoon Network. The production features a full original orchestral score, studio-quality sound effects, professional quality voice acting, and show-accurate animation. Showings and Q&A sessions with the team will be on Saturday and Sunday.

Project Cosplay



Come join the cosplay event that has everyone racing against the clock to make a cosplay from scratch. Past materials included tin foil, fliers and tape. See the hijinx unfold!

Fundraiser for Fan-made Vocaloid Concert

We are announcing our fundraising campaign to raise money to cover the cost of music license fees for the fan-made Vocaloid Concert and production costs on a few other events.
Note that if we cannot reach our goal there will most likely be no fan-made Vocaloid Concert.

Remember that every donation counts and with every donation comes a cool perk! Check it out!