SwampCon: Total Annihilation Extended to Two Days!

In August we announced that SwampCon: Total Annihilation would be a single-day convention. Today, we are proud to announce that is no longer the case! SwampCon: Total Annihilation will be a two-day convention, the official date changing to February 7 – 8, 2015!

How Will This Change Affect My Pre-Registration?

If you have already pre-registered, your ticket will only have the Feb. 7th date on it. If you want to pre-register for the second day, go back to our registration page and register for the second day as well. Then you can get a second ticket for Feb. 8th.

You are not able to use the same ticket for both days. This is so we can keep track of how many people attend each day without overlap.

For those who have yet to pre-register, add a ticket for EACH date to your cart. After the order is complete, you will be able to print both tickets or save the PDF file with both tickets so you can print it at a later time.

SwampCon Drag Show will return for SwampCon: Total Annihilation!

Last year we brought you the first ever SwampCon Drag Show! It quickly became one of our most talked about and most popular main events. We are excited to announce that the Drag Show is coming back, bigger and better than ever! Hosted yet again by the plus size vixen, Nicki Mirage, this stunning showcase of talent from these local drag performers will leave you speechless!

Come watch them strut their stuff across the stage and through the crowd! This year, SwampCon is going to be a bigger Drag than ever!

Remember to bring your dollar bills and show the performers some love! If you are interested in performing, please email SwampConDrag@gmail.com for more information.