Say Hello to SwampCon V!

SwampCon 2016 will be officially named SwampCon V! This upcoming SwampCon is our fifth-anniversary, and, coincidentally, will take place on February 13th-14th, 2016. With this in mind, we decided that the theme for SwampCon V should be based around love. Not just romance and not simply Valentine’s themed. We mean all love. The love you […]

Florida Whammy Entertainment will be a Guest at SwampCon: Total Annihilation!

¬†Florida Whammy Entertainment Formed in 2008 under the name “The Game Show Gurus”, Florida Whammy Entertainment is a not-for-profit professional organization that designs, creates, operates, and performs various interactive entertainment events for conventions. Specializing in Game Shows, their highly experienced team have created and developed game shows, panels, and other original programming for a number […]