Sign up for the Pokemon Video Game Tournament!

The Gator Pokemon League will be hosting an officially sanctioned Pokemon Video Game tournament! Battle to become the very best!

The format will be standard double battles on the Kalos Pokedex. Please note that you MUST HAVE A POKEMON PLAYER ID either through pre-registration form, prior league involvement, or registering day-of. Visit the pre-registration page for all rules and details

The Black Butler Drag and Cabaret Show will be Performing at SwampCon!

2014-06-28 114016-287680“The Black Butler Drag and Cabaret Show” is a performance group that began between three girls with an avid love for Yana Toboso’s animated series. The girls pitched in each of their talents to create a storyboard, dances, voice acting, costumes, makeup and hair. Their creative drive sent them to MetroCon for their first performance in a time frame of only two months. “The Black Butler Drag and Cabaret Show” is a comedic and sexy performance that illustrates a fan serviced version of numerous episodes in order to stay true to the spirit of its origins, and to give the audience a genuine tribute and a new experience of one of their favorite animes. As time has progressed, the cast has strived to put on a better production each con, and has added more cast members since their original performance, and more striptease acts.

Click here to see full cast information and videos of previous performances!


Popular YouTube Star Dookieshed will be a Guest at SwampCon!

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In his short time on YouTube, Hunter Hughes, aka Dookieshed, has managed to threaten over a quarter million viewers to subscribe to his channel about Pokémon, Mega Man, and video games in general. He presents his top 10 lists, game reviews, and game news in a way that’s hilarious, informative, and slightly insane. He has also been known to accidentally film his videos in his underwear. Dookieshed is the more obnoxious half of the co-op gameplay channel Nate and Dookie, along with the talented NateWantsToBattle.


Wasabi Anime will be a Guest at SwampCon: Total Annihilation!

wasabi mascotStarted in 2001, Wasabi Anime® is known for hosting innovative anime themed events at fan conventions. Their unique brand of Japanese pop culture entertainment has been featured at dozens of cons across North America including Anime Expo, Anime Festival Orlando, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Dragon Con, Florida Supercon, JACON, Gen Con, Metrocon, and many others. In 2011, they launched their own anime convention (Florida Anime Experience) that takes place each spring in Orlando, Florida.