SwampCon: Total Annihilation will be Collecting Donations for Bread of the Mighty!

bread of the mightyThis year, SwampCon: Total Annihilation will be collecting donations for Bread of the Mighty, a Gainesville-based food bank. Click here for more information on Bread of the Mighty. If you wish to donate, there will be donation jars at the Information Desk on the 2nd Floor of the J. Wayne Reitz Union during SwampCon on Feb. 7th-8th, 2015. All t-shirt sales go directly to Bread of the Mighty!

SwampCon: Total Annihilation – Schedule of Events

The official Schedule of Events is finished! Print this out before the convention, or have it on your tablet or mobile device in order to help you find the events you want to see! Access the schedule here, or find the link under the About tab.

Note: This schedule is subject to change up until the convention. We recommend waiting to save and/or print the schedule until a few days before the convention. That way, you receive the most up-to-date version.

A full description of the panels is in the works, and will be out soon!

If you have any questions, please email us at event@swampcon.com

Don’t forget to Pre-Register for SwampCon: Total Annihilation!

SwampCon: Total Annihilation is less than a month away! Don’t forget to pre-register for one or both days! This year we are doing pre-registration through Brown Paper Tickets. Follow this link to pre-register for SwampCon, or click the link in the Navigation Bar.

If you plan on attending both days, be sure to register for both days separately. BPT will then send you an email with your tickets. Print those tickets out and hand them to us the day of, and you will get your wristband, dramatically lessening the time you spend in line! So pre-register today!

Have a party of 5? BPT allows you to do bulk orders of up to 6 tickets at one time! Now you don’t need to register individually!

Humans Vs. Zombies will be running games at SwampCon!

hvzWhat to Bring

  • Nerf gun/nerf darts
  • Rolled socks with a narrow strip of duct tape to secure it
  • Shoes to run

The Game

Human vs. Zombies is essentially a game of tag… until it’s not! The infection is spread by zombie tags while humans defend themselves with sock grenades and nerf guns. Can you survive a zombie apocalypse? Come join us for a game and find out!

Free Event

Gators Humans vs. Zombies is totally FREE to play (We don’t provide nerf guns or socks)

For more information, including rules and times, click here.